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A highly effective & safe degreaser for industrial and domestic purposes. 
Ideal for surface cleaning in high traffic, dirt and grease prone areas.

Being 100% water soluble, Erazer, unlike other detergents does not leave any residue or oily film following cleansing and washing

Erazer has strong penetrating and emulsifying property that allows it to penetrate and lift grease and grime to the surface for an easy wash. Erazer emulsifies and floats away the most stubborn dirt and soil.

Being water soluble and biodegradable Erazer does not cause any metallic corrosion common with oil soluble detergents.

Erazer is non-inflammable, does not support combustion and 100% fire proof. Erazer is safe for industrial as well as domestic use.

Erazer is a concentrated liquid, dilutes up to 1:15 with water, retaining it's powerful & effective emulsifying and cleaning properties. Erazer is very effective with dirt and soil that are difficult to clean.

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